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“l love that everyone who chooses Calico Rose Studio knows they are getting an authentic piece of handmade jewellery and one which reflects their personal style.” – Hazel Clapham  (Owner and Designer)

Are you on a quest for good quality, handmade jewellery, which will fit in with your lifestyle and help you express your individuality?

You are professional or career-oriented, with maybe a little (maybe a lot) of the free spirited bohemian in your soul.  You acknowledge your own sense of self and you want to express it in your appearance.  You are interested in quality and you want to be in style but not necessarily teetering on the cutting edge.

You are a confident woman who wants to make a statement about her individuality in her private life and in the workplace.  You are interested in what you can wear to work and look feminine, stylish and individual while still projecting a professional image. You want pieces that are versatile enough to take you from day to evening and that will work for you on casual days as well. You want to be so comfortable with them that you will also choose to wear them for special occasions too.

I’m based in the UK and I make my one of a kind and small edition hand crafted jewellery for you.


My design aesthetic comes from my collection of gemstones and pearls and is contemporary, classic, eclectic and a little bit bohemian. I use materials that are interesting in themselves.  I love that many of the stones and pearls are ‘perfectly imperfect’ and hence are not going to be mistaken for imitations. Each gemstone I work with becomes my especial favourite for the time being.


All of my pieces are made by hand, one at a time, by me, using traditional metal working and jewellery making methods. You won’t find this kind of quality and attention to detail in retail stores.


Because the stones are so individual, my editions are often limited to only the few pieces I can make with the hand picked stones from a particular strand.

Since I released my first collection, the response has been pure love from everyone who has seen it. They are delighted with the design, the quality and the fact that their jewellery is one of a very small edition because they know they are not going to run into someone else wearing the same thing.

I look forward to sharing my passion for genuine gemstones, pearls and metals with you.  Thank you for letting me share my enthusiasm.

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Graphic showing cover of Nov/Dec issue of BRIDES magazine with Calico Rose Studio's handmade Pearl ear cuff
Calico Rose Studio is featured in BRIDES Magazine!

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What people are saying about Calico Rose Studio:

Customers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia tell me that they appreciate the personal service they get from Calico Rose Studio, the gift-ready packaging and the info that comes along with their brand new handmade genuine gemstone and pearl jewellery.

Here is what a few of my customers have had to say about my handmade genuine gemstone and pearl jewellery:

“Hazel does wonderful work! I have bought four pairs of ear cuffs so far and love them all – both styles. I was a bit leery about international ordering but all the orders have arrived in great shape and fairly promptly. Hazel is great about communicating with you and doing special orders, too. I highly recommend her shop and products!” GW – New Mexico US

“Wonderful – item as described, of superb quality and beautifully packaged.” LS – UK

“Hazel was professional, polite, accommodating … and very prompt. I love the ring. It is exactly as ordered!” AW – Ohio USA

“I am really happy with the lovely cufflinks … I was very impressed with the communication I received throughout (including care/how to store instructions).” MB – UK

“The earrings were absolutely beautiful.” CE – Arizona USA

“It was really beautiful – my mom loves it! I will definitely be purchasing more from this designer.” HW – Illinois USA

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How I wound up making jewellery:

Before I created Calico Rose Studio, as an artist and a maker, I loved to support other artisans. However, when it came to jewellery, I was often tempted to buy factory-made, high street products, which looked delightful at first but usually didn’t last beyond the first few wearings.

I wanted to make my own jewellery which would have the same instant appeal but which would look good for years to come and would become trusted friends in my wardrobe. Instead of soulless glass and plastic jewellery cranked out by a machine, I wanted to own a little piece of Mother Earth and hold it and wear it. I wanted the beauty, the endless fascination and the connection of genuine gemstones and pearls.

I made some pieces for myself which proved to be extremely versatile. They were appropriate for different times of day and different occasions and they looked great with different types of outfit. I never tired of wearing them and they are still go-to pieces for me. I especially love to take them on vacation or a weekend away because I can take just a couple of sets and they go with all the outfits in my suitcase.

I wanted to share my versatile style of jewellery with a wider audience. After doing my research, I discovered that I could source good quality, interesting genuine gemstones and pearls that I can incorporate into authentic hand crafted jewellery at an affordable price.

I have even managed to source ethically sourced gemstones and I receive a certificate of authenticity with each batch, so I am reassured to know that the stones actually come from mines where the workers have safe working conditions and are fairly rewarded for their effort.

I set out to create the most authentic, versatile and meaningful jewellery for the most discriminating and individual minded woman in the world.

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